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Covid-19 Information Archive

8/7/2020: Check out the Responses of our Confirmation Candidates as they prepare for Confirmation with Bishop Amos on Sunday, August 9th.


7-16-2020: Most Rev. Edward Malesic Named Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Cleveland


7-16-2020: Message from Fr. Tim " 11AM Outdoor Mass begins Sunday, July 26th"


6-18-2020: Message from Fr. Tim "What Do We Have But God and Prayer?"


6-3-2020: Message from Fr. Tim "Welcome Back: Mass in the Church!"


5-20-2020: Prayer for the Re-Opening of Churches


5-27-2020: Message from Fr. Tim "St. Bede Re-Opening May 30 and 31 Weekend"


5-26-2020: Message from Fr. Tim "The Good News and The...New News"


5-22-20: Message from Fr. Tim "Updated Plan for Returning to Mass at St. Bede Parish"


5-15-2020: Message from Fr. Tim "Damage Control"


5-13-2020: Message from Fr. Tim "Moving Forward"


5-6-2020: "Lessons in Prayer Part VI"


4-30-2020: "Lessons in Prayer Part V"


4-29-2020: Message from Fr. Tim "Unforeseen Blessings"


4-28-2020: Outdoor Eucharistic Adoration begins May 1st


4-28-2020: Masses and Liturgies suspended thru May 29th


4-22-2020: Message from Fr. Tim "Let There Be Light" Part II


4-10-2020: Easter Message from Fr. Tim


4-9-2020: Parish-wide Project: "Let There Be Light"


4-9-2020: "Lessons in Prayer Part IV"


4-7-2020: Public Service Announcement: Do you know of a Senior who is in need of Groceries?


4-3-2020: Homily for Daily Reading: Gospel of John 10:31-42


4-1-2020: "Lessons in Prayer Part III"


3-26-2020: "Lessons in Prayer Part II"


3-25-2020: Living A Life of Faith, Hope and Love


3-23-2020 "Lessons in Prayer Part I"


3-23-2020: Spiritual Communion Prayer 

(Recite this prayer during Communion as you view Mass recordings)


3-20-2020 - Pandemic Novena: 


3-20-2020 - Area Pastors React to Local Mass Suspension


3-19-2020 - "What We Are Giving Up For Lent"


3-18-2020 - Prayer & Message from Fr. Tim 


3-17-2020 - "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread"