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Funeral Planning

A funeral planning packet has been prepared to assist your family in planning the Mass of Christian Burial for your loved one.  It is our hope that by choosing your own readings, music etc you and your family might share more fully in the liturgy, and express your care and love for the deceased. 


Father Tim Plavac will meet with you to answer any questions that you may have and to help you finalize the planning of the liturgy.  


Please click on the Funeral Planning Packet and to guide you in making your selections, please click on the Mass of Christian Burial planning sheet.  The primary selections you will be making are the readings for the Mass which are in the packet (Old Testament, New Testament and Gospel selections).  The other main selections you may make are the hymns or songs.  As you will see, there are 3 required songs and 2 songs are optional.  There are other places in the Mass when family or friends may be involved.  This would include doing 2 of the readings or bringing up the gifts as well as the signing of the Book of Life, but any of these details should be discussed with Fr. Tim or a staff member.