Community Gardens

The Garden Ministry is a ministry that continues to produce in abundance. This ministry provides multiple benefits to the parish; from the flowers that beautify the grounds, the gardens which provide fresh vegetables for the Helping Hands food pantry and for the parish community, monies for the general fund and perhaps most importantly the wonderful feeling of community (friendship and support) that is so apparent within this diverse group of welcoming individuals.


Beginning in the depths of winter, these volunteers meet on Saturday mornings to plan, prepare and plant the tiny seeds of hope that promise to become the flowers and vegetables of spring and summer.  Just as the tiny seeds sprout and grow so does the community of St. Bede grow and thrive.  As the plants blossom and set their fruit so should the interest in volunteering at St. Bede the Venerable take hold and grow.  If weeding and digging in the dirt is not for you, there are many other ministries to help you put down roots at St. Bede.  Plan to branch out, help others and help yourself by volunteering.  Perhaps we will see you in the garden.