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2024 Archived Messages/Bulletin Articles from Fr. Tim

03-31-2024 Article: Click Here

03-24-2024 Article: Christmas and Holy Week - Click Here

03-17-2024 Article: Jesus: The New Adam - Click Here

03-10-2024 Article: Click Here

03-03-2024 Article: Who are the "Disordered" Ones? - Click Here

02-25-2024 Article: What Does Fr. Tim Have Against Gay People? - Click Here

02-18-2024 Article: St. Valentine's Day / Ash Wednesday / Lent - Click Here

02-11-2024 Article: Honor Your Father and Your Mother - Click Here

01-28-2024 Article: Abortion, the Church and Resources - Click Here

01-21-2024 Article: Response to "Fiducia Supplicans" Part II - Click Here

01-14-2024 Article: A Response to "Fiducia Supplicans" - Click Here

2023 Archived Messages/Bulletin Articles from Fr. Tim

12-31-2023 Article: New Year's reflection - Click Here

12-24-2023 Article: "We need a little Christmas Right this very Minute" - Click Here

12-17-2023 Article: O Come, O Come Emmanuel - Click Here

12-10-2023 Article: Helping Hands Ministry offers Christ-like Work in our Community - Click Here

12-03-2023 Article: HAPPY NEW YEAR! (So what is the Liturgical Year?) - Click Here

11-26-2023 Article: About Christ the King - Click Here

11-19-2023 Article: A Concert for the Ages - Click Here

11-12-2023 Article: "JBS Strong"/"Princess Riley" - Click Here

11-05-2023 Article: On ALL SAINTS, THE SNOW AND ISSUE 1 - Click Here

10-29-2023 Article: St. Bede 60th Anniversary Parish Gala Wrap-up - Click Here

10-22-2023 Article: World Mission Sunday 2023 - Click Here

10-15-2023 Article: Prayer: Pray the Rosary - Click Here

10-08-2023 Article: Church Tabernacle Update; Issue 1 - Click Here; To read the insert Father references Click Here

10-01-2023 Article: Pro-life and The Church - Click Here

09-24-2023 Article: Further Reflections on the Cleveland Diocese's Policy on Issues of Sexuality & Gender Identity - Click Here

09-17-2023 Article: Who are you going to or your eyes? Part II (Emperor's Clothes) - Click Here 

09-10-2023 Article: Who are you going to or your eyes? Part I - Click Here

09-03-2023 Article: Keep Holy the Sabbath Day - Click Here

08-27-2023 Article: The Struggle between Good vs. Evil - Click Here

08-20-2023 Article: Gratitude to God for Great Blessings at Parish Picnic - Click Here

08-13-2023 Article:  The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Click Here

08-06-2023 Article: Business Manager Position/Reminder:Vote Aug. 8 - Click Here

07-30-2023 Article: Moses and Our Journey to Freedom - Click Here

07-23-2023 Article: Issue 1 on the August 8th Ballot - Click Here

07-16-2023 Article: Pastoral Council News - Click Here

07-09-2023 Article: St. Bede Events - Click Here

07-02-2023 Article: A Little 4th of July Smorgasbord for You - Click Here

06-25-2023 Article: "A Little Smorgasbord for You" - Click Here

06-18-2023 Article: "Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name" - Click Here

06-11-2023 Article: Corpus Christi: "My Body; My Choice" - Click Here

06-04-2023 Article: Thoughts on The Trinity - Click Here

05-28-2023 Article: Pentecost Sunday/Catholic Pledge - Click Here

05-14-2023 Articles 04-30-2023/05-07-2023/05-14-2023: Thoughts About the Plight of Young People in Our Society - Click Here

04-09-2023 Article: Easter Sunday 2023 - Click Here

04-02-2023Article Holy Week 2023 - Click Here

03-26-2023 Article: Sister Wendy on Prayer - Click Here

03-19-2023 Article: "The Long and Tortuous Journey of the Self in Search of its Identity" (Part 111) - Click Here

03-12-2023 Article: "The Long and Tortuous Journey of the Self in Search of its Identity" (Part 11) - Click Here

03-05-2023 Article: "The Long and Tortuous Journey of the Self in Search of its Identity" (Part 1) - Click Here

02-26-2023 Article: Reflections on Lent: Thoughts About Love's Other Face - Click Here

01-15-2023 Article: Click Here

01-15-2023 Article: Click Here

Pre 2023 Archived Messages/Bulletin Articles from Fr. Tim

09-22-2021: Diocese of Cleveland "Heart of a Shepherd" Campaign - Click Here

12-23-2020: This is a lesson -- Christmas (and Christianity!) is For Children -- for the 9th Grade Confirmation Class; however, everyone is invited to read and reflect on this message.

10-29-2020: Reflection on Bishop Malesic's Clarifications

9/18/2020: My Story, His-Story, Our Story

6-18-2020: Message from Fr. Tim "What Do We Have But God and Prayer?"

5-6-2020: "Lessons in Prayer Part VI"

4-30-2020: "Lessons in Prayer Part V"

4-1-2020: "Lessons in Prayer Part III"

3-26-2020: "Lessons in Prayer Part II"

3-23-2020 "Lessons in Prayer Part I"