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Group Details

Meetings: 4th Tuesday at 7:30 pm; location rotates between the three parishes.


Contact John Misch at 440-257-1220 or email

Social Justice

This ministry is a cluster ministry, with St. John Vianney and St. Mary of the Assumption.  The group works together on a common goal that impacts the quality of life of society's disenfranchised, be it spiritual, mental, or physical. The common goal is selected by the group. Examples are human trafficking, fair trade, or helping the  homeless.


Social Justice Activities:

A Breakfast: Something light before something heavy is held at one of the three parishes each year. A breakfast topic of social concern is chosen by the group. Past years topics: Human Trafficking, Addiction Opiate Crisis, Suicide, Death Penalty and this past year, the topic was Senior Living.


Project Hope: A Collection of Project Hope wish list items are taken up each year usually during Lent.


Fair Trade Sale:  Catholic Relief Services offer items for sale from various countries directly from farmers and artisans. This Sale takes place in October or November each year.